Check Out Gywneth Paltrow’s Feet

Gywneth Paltrow is mostly recognized for the roles that she plays in films, however, she is also a singer and has a hobby in writing about food. She is American and gained the attention of many people for the character she played in the thriller Seven in 1995. After that movie, she hasn’t but a break on her career as she has been a part of a great deal of films. Her efforts paid off in 1998 when she was granted the win when it came to the best actress in the academy awards for the performance she put on for Shakespeare In Love. She was also given awards by the golden globes and the screen actors guild award for the same portrayal of a character. Gywneth has appeared in everything from big blockbusters, such as the Iron Man franchise, to television projects, like Glee. Take a look at her feet below!

Shoe size: 11 (US) / 44 (EU)
Rating: 5stars







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